No matter who you are, where you're from, what your size, shape, or age is,  everyone can learn  Aikido. This viable martial discipline, Aikido, uses blending and redirecting techniques, Jujitsu joint locks and boxing elements to keep this martial art applicable for all people.  Whether you are seeking a combat martial art as a military or law enforcement professional, or a martial art that promotes self-defense for women, flexibility, strength building, and coordination – Aikido can do that.  

Classes are ongoing and progressive in nature. Teaching staff assist new students who can start at anytime, and at any level of fitness. 
proper Dojo etiquette 
learn warm up exercises and stretches that develop core strength,                   flexibility, and aerobic  stamina 
Ki development 
basic body movement: technique, rolls, soft falls, break falls 
self defense techniques: take downs, immobilization's, disarming,
eye/hand/foot/body coordination “Ki ken tai ichi” 
testing requirements for promotion 

Lets  Train!!