Rancourt Sensei has offered Aikido and Iaido demos , workshops, and specialty classes to:  Schenectady County Community College, YouthBuild, Trio Program,  Continuing Education, Multi Cultural Organizations, Girl Scouts, Liberty Partnership Program, NYANG, and the YWCA of Northeastern, NY  Summer Fun Days.  

Topics addressed using Aikido, Iaido,  and Budo Principles
  • a good leader follows
  • physical conditioning
  • self defense using good sense
  • cultivating and maintaining martial acuity
  • self-empowerment
  • self esteem
  • problem solving
  • mediation
  • cultural reconciliation
  • maintaining center-combating PTSD
  • reintegration-blending

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"S. Rancourt presented a workshop called “Self-Defense for Students” at Schenectady County Community College. Her demeanor and presentation quickly engaged the students and the information she conveyed to them was very valuable."   J. Fruiterman
Congratulations to the  Central Park Middle School  Aikido participants!  Thanks to Mr. Irv Faust Sensei, Mr. Keith Pray, Mr. Henry Garcia, and ALL the staff who participated!  Much gratitude goes to Faith Critti (Liberty Partnerships Program) and Ed Kosiur (Sch'dy Youth Commission) for your continued support of Aikido in our daily lives. That's what makes programs successful!            
                  --   S. Rancourt